Acoustic vs. Classical: Which Guitar is For You?

The question as to which guitar to choose, acoustic or classical, is oftentimes considered as an age-old question. This especially applies to beginner guitarists. The good news is that, the answer to this may turn out to be a whole lot easier to find than you think. In deciding the best guitar that is perfect … Read more

How To Figure Out The Rhythm of a Song?

Figuring out the rhythm of a song in playing a guitar is something that some newbies find challenging at a certain point. After all, how can you do so if it is not even mentioned right on the tab. This is not easy to do, especially when dealing with a guitar. With a good help, … Read more

Dreadnought Guitar: Everything You Need To Know

Beginning guitarists have to deal with potential stumbling blocks, be it a pro or a complete rookie. You need to learn the chords, properly strum the strings, and you have to encounter the frets on which you maneuver your fingers to make the chord you want. In most cases, beginning guitarists are often seen intensely in front … Read more

How To Use a Guitar Capo?

If you have been playing an acoustic guitar for quite some time and you haven’t used a guitar capo, I swear you are missing out on something very essential. Even though you don’t feel the need of using one especially if you’re into rock or heavy metal kind of music, once you play a lot on … Read more

How To Clean A Guitar and Its Parts

Guitars, just like any other string-instrument needs proper care and maintenance. Dirt, humidity and unintentional abrasions and scrapes can cause the guitar lose its tone and value. Whether you are a professional guitarist or a hobbyist, you need to make sure that you handle your instrument with caution. Eventually as time pass by and you … Read more

How To Play Guitar with Long Nails

It’s a technique that many have grappled with. Some succeed, using their nails to create harmonies that entrance and mystify those who hear them. Some swear against playing without first trimming their nails, claiming the level of difficulty is too high or that the sound isn’t to their liking. Some simply sit and wonder – never able … Read more