10 Best Headphones for Guitar Amps 2022

There it is: you’ve finally got a place to practice. You’re getting ready to jam, but its 3am and you don’t want to wake up the neighbors laying down licks. It’s time to make sure you’ve got the best headphones for your guitar amps. The thing is, not just any pair of headphones is going to … Read more

How Long Do Headphones Last?

Do you agree with me that all headphones break? Of course, they do! These devices come with several delicate and complex internal components that will get manhandled and wear out with time, which then leads to an unavoidable malfunction. You can only delay or postpone it; you cannot avoid it. Listening devices have become a … Read more

9 Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming in 2022

Open back headphones are a great choice for gamers because they allow maximum sound to come out of your ear canals. Open back headphones are usually a bit more expensive than closed back headphones, but they’re worth every penny. You’ll get a more immersive experience, and you won’t have to worry about getting your head … Read more

Open-Back vs. Closed-Back Headphones: Which is Better?

Open-back vs. closed-back headphones: Which is better? It’s a common question, but there’s no simple answer. Both types of headphones have their benefits and downsides, so it really comes down to the sound you’re after. Open-back headphones are notorious for their sound leakage, so it’s not surprising that closed-back headphones have become the most popular … Read more

What Is True Wireless Stereo Technology? How Does It Work?

The world of wireless audio has been going through a major transformation. Over the past few years, more and more people have been buying Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers, and other devices that connect wirelessly to their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. The result? A surge in the number of people who are using wireless audio. … Read more

Can Headphones Cause Ear Infections? 5 Tips to Prevent

An ear infection is an inflammation of the ear, specifically the outer or middle ear. This infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasites. When you have an ear infection, your symptoms are usually pain in the ear, facial tenderness, discharge from the ear and a feeling of having to constantly clear … Read more

Can Noise Cancelling Headphones Cause Tinnitus?

Noise cancelling headphones are safer for your ears than regular headphones. They’re designed to block out the loud sounds around you that can potentially cause hearing damage. However, this also means they can block out the softer, more subtle sounds such as your music. As a result, wearing noise cancelling headphones for long periods of … Read more

Why Do Singers Wear Earpieces When Singing?

Whether you’re at a concert, watching a singer rehearse, or watching a musician perform on TV, you’ll always see them wearing earpieces. They are not normal earpieces. These are referred to as in-ear monitors. In this article, we will explain why singers wear earpieces and what they are used for. We also provide some useful … Read more