9 Best Jobsite Radios for 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Most of us spend a lot of time working, and most of those hours are spent in an environment where our ears are filled with the noise of large machinery, tools, and other people working around us.

To make matters worse for some of us, we do not have the luxury of nice weather that allows us to spend at least some time outside. With jobsite radios as one tool for mitigating these situations, it’s important to know what the best product is. 

Looking for the best jobsite radio? You can check out the list of our top 9 reviewed jobsite radios to help you choose one that suits your needs and price range.

Our Top Picks:

  1. Bosch GPB18V-5CN – Loudest Jobsite Radio
  2. DEWALT DCR028B – Best for Bass
  3. Makita XRM09B – Best with Bluetooth
  4. Milwaukee 2951-20 M12 – Best Jobsite Radio Speaker
  5. Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 – Best Jobsite Radio Charger
  6. Sangean U4 – Best Value
  7. Makita RM02
  8. Makita XRM05 – Best Budget
  9. Milwaukee 2590-20 M12

List of the Best Jobsite Radio Reviews

1. Bosch GPB18V-5CN – Loudest Jobsite Radio

The Bosch GPB18V-5CN Loudest Jobsite Radio is a very loud and powerful radio for your next outdoor adventure. It has a powerful 40 watts of power that will let you hear your favorite music even when you’re working outdoors.

The built-in tuner will provide you with all your favorite FM stations, but if you want to listen to music, you can connect an MP3 player or a phone. There is also a built-in speaker that can help you hear your favorite songs from a distance.

This radio has a battery that lasts for hours, so you don’t have to worry about the battery dying during your work day. With the power of 40 watts, this radio will definitely ensure that you get the job done right.

In addition, it comes with Bluetooth technology, so you can connect it with your smart devices and use it as a music player. The aluminum and rubber exterior will protect the radio, and it is rugged enough to handle the elements.

It also has five equalizer settings to suit your personal preferences. You will be able to enjoy your favorite songs using this radio at home or at the jobsite.

2. DEWALT DCR028B – Best Jobsite Radio for Bass

The Dewalt DCR028B is a fantastic portable radio for home use and job sites. This portable radio has 3.5-inch woofers that deliver powerful bass, and 1-inch tweeters that provide crisp, high-fidelity sound.

The Dewalt DCR028B comes with 6 presets, so you don’t have to worry about tuning your radio manually. It also has Bluetooth connectivity up to 100 feet away for easy connection with smartphones and tablets.

It can be powered by USB, batteries, or an AC adapter. So, no matter what type of power source you prefer, you can use this radio to listen to music on the go. There’s also a 3.5 mm auxiliary port for connecting external speakers, MP3 players, etc., and a USB power port for charging.

It’s a simple radio that’s easy to use, and it has a large LCD screen with plenty of useful functions.

The Dewalt DCR028B has a durable steel roll cage for added strength and durability, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged during heavy use.

3. Makita XRM09B – Best Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth

The Makita XRM09B is a really great radio that is ideal for jobsite use. With this radio, you can control your favorite songs with ease. Just connect it to your smartphone, computer, or tablet via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

This radio is made up of a durable aluminum housing that provides a sleek and classy look. This radio also comes with a built-in lithium battery that allows you to run for up to 18 hours on a single charge.

There is a big backlit display that offers you a clear view of the time, song, and alarm settings. The buttons and controls are easy to use, and they are designed for easy operation.

This radio also comes with a clock and alarm function to help you easily set up a work schedule while you’re working. It also allows you to skip songs during your listening session to save energy when you’re working long hours.

4. Milwaukee 2951-20 M12 – Best Jobsite Radio Speaker

The Milwaukee 2951-20 M12 is another good choice if you are looking for a durable, compact, and versatile jobsite radio speaker.

This radio speaker is IP54 rated, which means it’s water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands wet while you’re working. This speaker is built to last for years, so you don’t have to worry about buying it again for a long time.

This speaker is Bluetooth 4.2 ready, so you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily. You can even sync with a variety of devices like Apple and Android phones, computers, and more. The speaker comes with a built-in AM/FM radio, so you can listen to music and your favorite podcasts while you’re on the go.

There are 10 total presets that you can use to play music and podcasts, so you can switch up your tunes easily. Finally, the speaker’s EQ feature allows you to customize your sound with the click of a button.

5. Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 – Best Jobsite Radio Charger

This Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 is a portable radio that is built to last. With a powerful amplifier and the ability to receive and transmit via FM and AM, this is a great radio for your next outdoor adventure.

You can customize your equalizer settings and use the on-board preset stations to listen to your favorite songs. The speakers of this radio are powerful enough to drive the volume level up high without any distortion.

This radio is equipped with an exclusive digital Bluetooth receiver that will allow you to connect and communicate with any Bluetooth enabled device within 100 feet, while being able to hear the stations that are playing on the radio.

It also has a built-in battery that allows it to be fully charged without having to plug it into the wall, and it can even be used to charge your smartphone. The digital display is also user-friendly and can be programmed to show the station, volume, and channel information, while also providing you with the battery status.

Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 is also customizable, and you can easily select between 10 pre-sets to customize your listening experience.

The metal roll cage and reinforced handle add strength to this radio, and you can store your radio in the compartment that’s built into the back of the radio.

6. Sangean U4 – Best Value Jobsite Radio

The Sangean U4 is a high-quality radio with 20 preset stations. The radio has auto scan stations and a clock that can be used to set the clock to whatever station you want to listen to at any given time.

It is equipped with an adjustable bass/treble control that allows you to adjust the sound of the radio so you get the best listening experience. It comes with a volume control that will let you adjust the volume of the radio to your preferred level.

The Sangean U4 comes in a durable housing with a soft touch rubber surround, and it’s very light in weight. The Sangean U4 is also equipped with a high-quality speaker that produces a clean sound with a deep tone.

This radio is easy to operate and can be used at your workplace without bothering your co-workers. It has a rechargeable battery and a dry-cell battery. So if you’re running out of power, you can charge it up using the USB cable.

7. Makita RM02 Cordless Compact Job Site Radio

The Makita RM02 is a handy radio that you can take with you while working on a job site. It provides high quality reception and has a built-in LCD display for easy viewing. The adjustable volume control allows you to adjust the volume to your liking.

There are 10 pre-set FM/AM buttons that let you listen to your favorite stations in no time. You can also use these buttons to set your favorite station. The built-in speaker lets you enjoy your favorite music while you work.

One of the major benefits of this radio is that it is compatible with many different brands of MP3 players and other audio devices. You can easily connect your iPod, iPhone, or any other MP3 player directly to the radio via the auxiliary input.

It has a rotating hook so you can hang it on your workbench or toolbox, and it comes with an earphone jack so you can listen to it without anyone else hearing.

This compact radio is lightweight and offers a long-lasting battery life. The Makita RM02 is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite music while working on the job site. It weighs only 1.7 lbs, so it is extremely portable and convenient.

8. Makita XRM05 – Best Budget Jobsite Radio

The Makita XRM05 is a cheap jobsite radio that offers high-quality audio with a stylish appearance. The compact size of this radio makes it a perfect travel companion for the busy work site.

A built-in auxiliary input lets you listen to your favorite music files on the FM radio.

This radio has been made with rugged construction that makes it more durable than other similar radios. The durable and compact radio comes with an easy-to-use remote control that lets you quickly adjust the volume, power, and channels.

The volume control knob is conveniently located at the top of the radio, and you can use the radio while sitting down. The built-in lithium ion battery will keep the radio working for up to 35 hours.

The digital display is bright and easy to read, and these radios have a lot of useful features like a digital backlit display and FM antenna storage. 

9. Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 Cordless Job-Site Radio

The Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 is a highly durable radio that provides high-quality sound in a sleek and stylish design. It’s equipped with premium weatherproof aluminum speakers that provide excellent sound quality and durability.

It contains two speakers that are built into the housing to provide quality sound and ample coverage.

You can also connect it to an external speaker system and still be able to enjoy quality audio when you’re outdoors. 

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 has a shock absorbing housing that helps protect your radio when it falls on the ground. It also comes with an MP3 compartment where you can store your music files and connect your MP3 player for convenient listening.

You can easily store this radio inside your tool box so that you don’t have to carry the whole radio when you’re off-site. The radio is small and can be powered by a M12 lithium-ion battery pack or an AC adapter.

Overall, this radio is a great choice for any outdoorsman who wants to listen to music while working on a job site.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Jobsite Radio?

Jobsite radios are available in a variety of designs and sizes. You’ll have to make the choice between the portable and hand-held jobsite radios and the larger jobsite radios that are more stationary. Some of the factors to consider when purchasing a job site radio include the following.

Sound Quality

If you’re buying a jobsite radio, one of the most important factors to consider is the sound quality. You’ll want to be sure to buy a job site radio that has good speakers. The better the speakers, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite songs while you are out on the job. This is even more essential if you’ll be using your job site radio outdoors, where there will be a lot of ambient noise.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The best jobsite radios are the ones that have integrated Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to stream music wirelessly from your device to the radio. It also allows for hands-free calling when paired with a phone.

The Bluetooth connectivity is not only convenient, but it can also be safer when working on a job site because you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone or playing with it while driving.

Battery Life

Jobsite radios are powered by either electric cords, batteries or both. If you’ll be using your jobsite radio at a construction site or in an area where there isn’t electricity, then you’ll want to get a jobsite radio that runs on batteries.

Also, if you’ll be using your jobsite radio outdoors, it’s a good idea to get one that runs on either rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. The reason being is that, in most cases, the jobsite radios that run on electric cords are built for indoor use. When using the electric cord jobsite radion outdoors, you run the risk of electrocuting yourself.

Built-In Storage

Many jobsite radios feature built-in storage for things like extra batteries, or to store your phone or iPod. This is useful for keeping your work space clutter free, as well as keeping all of your tools in one place.

If you are going to be using a jobsite radio that is hand held, you may want to consider one that has a separate compartment that you can use to keep the batteries when they are not in the radio itself.


Another factor to consider when buying the best jobsite radio is portability. If you need to move around, then you’ll want to make sure that the radio you choose can easily go with you. Make sure it has a handle and a long enough cord so that it can follow you from place to place. If your jobsite radio will mostly stay stationary, then portability may not be as big of a concern for you.


If you’re working in an area that’s not generally safe from water, you’ll want to make sure that your radio has the ability to be waterproofed. Some job site radios have the ability to be waterproofed using a plastic bag. Others use special gaskets that can help keep water out of the interior of the radio. You’ll also want to make sure that the speakers are weatherproof as well, so they don’t get damaged by water.


You’ll want to purchase a jobsite radio that can withstand a few bumps and bruises when on the job site. Some are built tougher than others, so make sure to check out some reviews from people who have used the product and can vouch for its durability. You may also want to consider spending more money on a more durable unit if you know you’ll be hard on equipment.


The price of your jobsite radio will vary depending on what features and options you want it to have. For example, a jobsite radio with CD player capabilities will most likely be more expensive than one without it. The same goes for AM/FM tuners and other options.

In general, the more options and features your jobsite radio has, the more expensive it will be. And if you’re looking for an especially portable job site radio, those are generally more expensive than their less portable counterparts as well.


What Are the Differences Between a Regular Radio and a Jobsite Radio?

Jobsite radios are purpose built to withstand the rigors of hard work, while traditional radios are designed with portability and performance as the primary concerns.

That’s not to say that jobsite radios can’t be portable or that traditional radios can’t be durable. But in general, for best results on the jobsite, you need a radio that is designed for your work environment.

The first thing you’ll notice about jobsite radios is the styling. They tend to be more functional than fashionable. That’s because they need to protect their delicate electronic components from moisture, dust, and physical impact.

Many jobsite radios are equipped with rubberized bumpers and protective grilles to keep out debris. Some even have strain relief collars on their power cords to keep them from breaking when they are under the most stress.

Jobsite radios also tend to have large knobs and buttons that are easy to operate even when you’re wearing work gloves or your hands are covered in grease and oil. They also have auxiliary ports to connect other devices, like smartphones or MP3 players, so you can play music you downloaded or stored on your phone.

How Loud Should a Jobsite Radio Be?

According to OSHA, personal hearing protection must be used when the average noise level is 85 decibels or higher during an eight-hour workday. If your work environment routinely exceeds this threshold, get a radio that is louder to help you block out the noise.

A good rule of thumb is to have a radio that’s loud enough for you to hear it over the roar of a nearby table saw. However, if you can’t hear the radio over the sound of a power tool, then it’s too loud. Also, take into account that some radios have more power than others. For example, the Milwaukee Jobsite Radio has up to 100 dB of sound – about as loud as a chainsaw!

Is a Battery-powered Jobsite Radio Better than a Corded One?

Corded jobsite radios are ideal for those who need to keep their music playing all day long. There’s no need to worry about running out of juice or having the batteries wear out before the workday is over. That said, corded radios can create a tripping hazard on the worksite if they get tangled up with tools or walking feet, and they require an outlet nearby.

Battery-powered jobsite radios are convenient because they can go anywhere, but when the batteries die, you have to stop working until they’re recharged or replaced, which is not exactly ideal when you’ve got deadlines looming.

Is It Possible That Job Site Radios Will Charge Other Devices?

Yes, it is possible for job site radios to charge other devices. In fact, that is the main reason some people buy them. Many job site radios have USB charging ports, which allows you to connect your smartphone or any other device that can be charged using a USB cable. As long as the radio has a USB cable port, you will be able to charge the device.


In conclusion, we have put together a list of the best jobsite radios that we have reviewed over the last year. Our team has been working on this list for a while and has tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. We have taken into account many factors, including the brand, design, features, pricing, user experience, customer service, and more.